Charge Capture &
Demographic Entry

Rendering medical services into billable charges

Charge Capture & Demographic Entry

Clinical, Demographic, and insurance information needed for billing anesthesia and pain management cases is received from clients in paper and (or) electronic format.

The Data Processing team collates the face sheet, anesthesia record, and operative report or visit notes and reviews the associated information for completeness.

Cases are then batched by client and date of service; assigned unique account numbers; entered into the System; and, reconciled against operating room, labor and delivery, and other site-of-service schedules.

For select commercial and managed care cases, insurance verification also is performed.

When all required documentation has been received and reviewed, cases are scanned for filing and future reference and indicated as ready for coding in the system.

Cases with missing or incomplete documentation or information are annotated and flagged as pending in the System.

Pending items are addressed by the Data Processing team and monitored by the Data Processing manager on a daily basis.

Aged pending items are escalated to clients for assistance with resolution as needed.